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LinkedIn Marketplace is a new feature that LinkedIn is rolling out this 2021 which allows freelancers and clients to transact with each other in a common marketplace. Clients can post jobs that they need to be done and freelancers can advertise the skills that they have. This feature is similar to other platforms like Upwork and Fiverr, but with a LinkedIn twist. In this article, we will explore how to work LinkedIn Marketplace as a freelancer and how to make the most of this opportunity.

What is LinkedIn Marketplace?

LinkedIn Marketplace is a platform that connects freelancers with clients who are looking for professional services. The platform will focus on work like consulting, writing, marketing, and graphic design The platform will be similar to Fiverr and Upwork, platforms that host freelance work and take a cut of each job It will support payment via a digital wallet offered by Microsoft, the parent company of LinkedIn. The digital wallet will expand LinkedIn’s paid content network

LinkedIn Marketplace is not yet officially launched, but it is expected to be released in September 2021 However, some users may already see some features related to the marketplace, such as the ability to share their services on their profile or search for freelancers on the network

LinkedIn Marketplace will mimic much of LinkedIn ProFinder, an existing feature that allows users to search for suitable applicants for jobs or advertise their services to businesses However, LinkedIn Marketplace will have some additional features, such as:

☞ A rating and review system that will allow clients to provide feedback on freelancers' work and vice versa

☞ A dispute resolution process that will help resolve any issues between freelancers and clients

☞ A dedicated landing page that will showcase the freelancers' portfolio, skills, rates, availability, and testimonials

☞ A messaging system that will enable freelancers and clients to communicate directly on the platform

How to Work LinkedIn Marketplace as a Freelancer?

If you are a freelancer who wants to work on LinkedIn Marketplace, here are some steps you can take to prepare yourself for the launch:

☞ Update your profile. Make sure your profile is complete, professional, and reflects your skills and expertise. Use keywords that are relevant to your niche and target market. Add a headline that summarizes your value proposition and a summary that highlights your experience and achievements. Include your contact information and a call to action. Also, make sure your profile photo is clear and friendly.

☞ Showcase your work. Create a portfolio that showcases your best work samples and projects. You can use LinkedIn's featured section to display your portfolio on your profile or create a separate website or blog that links to your profile. You can also use LinkedIn's publishing platform to share your articles, case studies, or white papers. Make sure your work is relevant, high-quality, and demonstrates your skills and results.

☞ Share your services. Once LinkedIn Marketplace is live, you will be able to share your services on your profile and on the marketplace landing page. You will need to specify what kind of services you offer, how much you charge, how long it takes you to complete a project, and what kind of clients you work with. You will also need to set your availability and preferences for working remotely or on-site. Be clear and honest about your services and rates, and avoid undercharging or overpromising.

☞ Build your network. Connect with potential clients and other freelancers on LinkedIn. You can use the search function to find people who are in your industry, niche, or location. You can also join relevant groups, follow hashtags, or participate in events that are related to your field. Engage with your connections by liking, commenting, or sharing their posts, or sending personalized messages. Offer value and insights, and avoid spamming or pitching.

☞ Promote yourself. Use LinkedIn's marketing tools to promote yourself and your services. You can use sponsored content, sponsored InMail, or text ads to reach your target audience on the platform You can also create organic content that showcases your expertise, such as tips, tutorials, stories, or opinions. Use hashtags, keywords, images, videos, or polls to make your content more engaging and visible. Also, encourage your clients to leave reviews and recommendations on your profile or on the marketplace.

How to Succeed on LinkedIn Marketplace as a Freelancer?

Working on LinkedIn Marketplace can be a great way to find new clients and grow your freelance business. However, you will also face competition from other freelancers who are offering similar services. To stand out and succeed on the marketplace, here are some tips you can follow:

☞ Deliver quality work. The most important factor that will determine your success on the marketplace is the quality of your work. Make sure you deliver high-quality work that meets or exceeds your clients' expectations. Follow the instructions and specifications of the project, and communicate clearly and regularly with your clients. Also, deliver your work on time and within budget, and ask for feedback and revisions if needed.

☞ Build trust and reputation. Another key factor that will affect your success on the marketplace is your trust and reputation. You need to build trust and credibility with your clients and prospects, and show them that you are reliable, professional, and competent. You can do this by having a strong profile, portfolio, and reviews, as well as by providing testimonials, references, or samples of your work. You can also use LinkedIn's verification badges, such as the identity verification or the skill assessment badges, to prove your identity and skills

☞ Be proactive and responsive. Don't wait for clients to come to you, but actively seek out opportunities on the marketplace. You can use the search function to find projects that match your skills and interests, and apply to them with a customized proposal. You can also use the messaging system to follow up with your prospects and clients, and answer any questions or concerns they may have. Be polite, friendly, and helpful, and respond quickly and professionally to any messages or requests.

☞ Learn and improve. To stay competitive and relevant on the marketplace, you need to keep learning and improving your skills and knowledge. You can use LinkedIn's learning products, such as LinkedIn Learning or, to access online courses and videos that can help you learn new skills or update your existing ones You can also use LinkedIn's insights and analytics tools, such as the dashboard or the performance report, to track your progress and performance on the marketplace, and identify areas for improvement or optimization.

LinkedIn Marketplace is a new feature that will allow freelancers and clients to connect and work with each other on the LinkedIn platform. It will offer freelancers a chance to showcase their skills and services, find new projects and clients, and grow their freelance business. To work on LinkedIn Marketplace as a freelancer, you need to update your profile, showcase your work, share your services, build your network, and promote yourself. To succeed on LinkedIn Marketplace as a freelancer, you need to deliver quality work, build trust and reputation, be proactive and responsive, and learn and improve.

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